Frequently Asked Questions

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We are under a "Pre-Order", what does it mean?

If we are under a pre-sale, this means we are trying to meet demand in a more efficient manner, trying to make as many buttons as the community wants.

We will accept your order and keep you up to date via our mailing list or our GG Button Facebook page as to when they arrive and are shipped out.

By purchasing a pre-order button you are acknowledging that it may take a few weeks for your button to be made, but are OK with that. At any time you can cancel your order and your money will be refunded.


You're sold out, how do I get one!?

Please purchase a button on pre-sale, or join our mailing list to get updated whenever we have more on sale!



What payment methods do you accept? Do you take international orders?
We take orders from any country in the world. We are a Verified PayPal user and can accept all major credit cards via PayPal.

I’m not from the United States. How do I know how much the GG Button costs in my local currency?
You can use our currency converter page! Please note that exchange rates change daily so the final price at checkout may be slightly different.

How long does shipping take? Do you ship internationally?
Please see the Shipping Information page for answers to all your postage questions. Yes, we ship internationally!

Does the GG Button come with batteries?

Unfortunately, the GG Button does not come with batteries. It does require two (2) AAA batteries to operate.

How big is the GG Button?

The dimensions are 90mm x 90mm x 40mm (3.5" x 3.5" x 1.6" for the rest of you)

What does the button sound like?

Please see our (silly) advert on the homepage or check out the video below.

Is there a video of the button in action?

Yes there is actually! djWheat has one and he showed it off on his show Weapon of Choice - Episode #18 (We are not affiliated with djWheat or the show WoC). The video can be seen HERE, You can also see fan-made YouTube videos HERE!

Something’s messed up on your site!

Whoops! If there’s something wrong then PLEASE let us know so I can fix it.

I can’t place an order?! HELP ME!
We use Shopify and PayPal to run the store and payment systems, and we unfortunately have no control over any problems they might be having. That being said PLEASE do email us though, and we can put your item(s) on hold and send you a PayPal invoice.

I’m unhappy with my button(s)!

Please see our returns/refund policy for more information.

I need to phone you! What's your number?

We're sorry! This is a tiny operation and we can only respond to inquiries via email - please email us at: contact AT if you have a question.

Just who are you guys?

Glad you asked! We're two college blokes, Garrett and Craig, and we (obviously) sell the GG Button. We are huge fans of StarCraft and League of Legends (among others), and wanted to bring this awesome button to the community.

Is the GG Button your idea?

Most certainly not. The original GG buttons were made by hand by GHOSTCLAW, a teamliquid member. He has given his customized button to many Korean pros himself such as Nada and Boxer! We only created this version to share with more people since getting a customized one is incredibly hard. More information on his blog here.

Are there a limited number of these buttons?

Yes, but if the community demand stays at such a high level we will continue trying to make and sell more!

Still got questions??

Ask us on our facebook page or you can also email us anytime at contact AT and we promise to do our best to help.