Returns Policy


If for some reason your button arrives to you broken or when it arrives it doesn't work properly, please contact us and we will try and send out a replacement button to you as soon as possible.



If you are not satisfied with your button we apologize, but we cannot do refunds for this cause. If your button did not arrive at all please contact us so we can investigate and send you a replacement button if yours got lost. We cannot track International packages so be weary that if you are outside the US we cannot see where the package is! Please email us to discuss! There is ONE exception with international orders to returns, please see "Incorrect Address or Unclaimed International Orders" below.


Incorrect Address or Unclaimed International Orders

If you ordered a button internationally and entered an incorrect address, we will not pay secondary shipping costs. This is simply not possible, as that causes us to lose a lot of money, and we are a small company who is trying their best, not a mega-corporation. If you entered an incorrect international shipping address, you must pay the second shipping cost if you want it delivered to you. If you do not want your button any longer, we can refund you the price of the button(s) only. We will not refund incorrect shipping monies.


If your order was unclaimed, that means your post office says you did not pick it up. The same policy as above applies in regards to unclaimed packages. We will need you to pay for the extra shipping as it is unfair for us to take that shipping hit when we made no errors.



We want you to be completely happy with your order!


You can always email us at contact AT with any questions or feedback.